SuperCloaker is the most powerful all-in-one performance marketing software for affiliates and advertising agencies.

Landing Page Generator

Easily generate dozens of landing pages with different variations.

Lead Generation

Capture leads and send them autoresponders or broker data to your partners

Conversion Optimization

Optimize conversions by automatically displaying the best performing offer based on specific rules.

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis with unlimited drill-downs. Custom Reports with export and daily delivery features.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring on your domains and servers and automatically switch between domains and/or servers.

100% Superfast Saas

Everything is running in the Amazon AWS Cloud so you don’t need your own hosting.

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Domain Registration

Register domains manually or automatically so you always have unflagged domains available.

Server Spawning

1-Click Server Spawning and setup your code-base automatically using GIT.

Cloudflare Protection

1-Click domain protection using Cloudflare. Easily switch servers.

Bot Detection

Detect crawlers and bots and even headless browsers and filter them.

Email Marketing

Integrate with Interspire and setup autoresponders for automatic monetization.